Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Not a whole lot of photography has been going on sorry for no recent updates in the last few weeks. The rain is here and I've been playing my guitars more than I've been playing with my camera. I'm really looking forward to Fall/Winter so stay tuned for, hopefully, some cool photos. :) This time last year I didn't have my camera so now my expectations are up...and I have some ideas


  1. Hi there Hillary, I'm so sorry it took me so long to respond to the fact you became a follower on my blog. Thanks for that one.

    I've been out of blog land for a while but back at the track again wich feels good. I would love to meet you so I'll add myself as a follower to your blog.
    I believe you live in God most beautiful part of the it triggers me (lots).
    Be well and do keep playing that guitar but also handle the camera with love because your pics are gorgious.
    CU around Dagmar

  2. Well it's nice to meet you! I agree, this part of the world is very beautiful. Have you had the chance to visit the area much? If not, then it's definately worth the trip!
    Take care, and thanks for checking out my photos!